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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Everybody I know is trying to get in shape or lose weight. My friends and I have been talking about execerising for the past 4 months now, without significant results. We tried walking in the mornings, but it didn't work out. We tries walking/jogging in the evenings, but it got too tiring. We even tried playing tennis on the weekends, but the weather wouldn't cooperate. We started swimming on a pretty regular basis for a couple of weeks. We checked out this free indoor pool down the street that had open laps every week night. Swimming just isn't my sport. I used to really enjoy it as an exercise, but now its just not fun anymore. What happened to you swimming? You totally sold out!
~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 11:00 PM

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Thank Jebus Bush finished his ranting and raving about the state of terrorism in the world. We're all so greatful that he finally caught the tyrranical Saddam. I'm sure he was plotting his next evil scheme out of his cubby hole in the desert.
At least CBS got to the show the second half the price is right. The world seems like such a happier place when a good looking person wins the final showcase showdown. It's so much better to see a hot guy or a woman with huge breasteses frolicing around their brand new car.
I love sik days
~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 11:44 AM

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Ahhhh! I'm pissed man. Why is stupid Bush on everytime I want to watch the Price is Right?? Where are our values at??
dang, this sucks.
~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 8:16 AM

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

I feel like total shit right now. I can't believe I actually have a cold! I never get sick :(. I wish i could call in sick tomorrow, but I always feel like I have to make up an elaborate excuse about why I'm missing work, even though I do have like 8 paid sick days acrrued. If only my stupid conscience didn't act up all the freaking time. Oh well, if I still feel like this tomorrow morning I probably will call in. I dont really care what my boss thinks, that's what sick days are for, right??
I wish my boyfriend was here right now to take care of me (i'm just writing that, because I know he reads everything I write each night :P).
Today at work I had to walk around ritzy neighborhoods and pass out flyers to edumacte people about our shelter and possibly raise some money. It would have been too bad, but it was really fucking cold for the end of March, and it ended up taking 3.5 hours. At least it was good exercise. To make up for his poor planning, my boss took us out to lunch afterwards. I never eat lunch, but I was persuaded. We went to a ghetto looking salvadorian restaurant called el Pollo Deli. what a great name, eh?? Anyway, I got the only vegaterian thing they had on the menu and it was fucking delicious! It was lunch and dinner...I might have to start eating lunch every once in a while. Why is it that the crappiest looking places are always the best?
Anyway, now im listening to Israeli radio and there's a hip hop show on. It's the funniest thing ever. First they had a rap battle between two israeli rappers, and they kept cussing each other out in English, which was very funny. Now they're playing a lot of great American hip hop, and they don't have to censor out the bad words. fucking fabulous. finally im in the company of someone who uses the word fuck more often than me.

~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 3:36 PM

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

wazzup?! happy saint patrick's day to all you whities out there. just kidding, im white too. You know how everybody has a band they listen to that just puts them in a good mood? well that's how I feel about the fabulous Les Savy Fav who are quite possibly the best band ever! they're also really cool to see live, because the lead singer will tie himself up in the microphone cord and hang from the support beams and lighting fixtures. Last time I saw them, he has wearing these nasty sweat pants, and his gut was all hanging out, and his wife beater had food stains all over it. it was dope! Of course, I was really drunk too, the cheap beer may have clouded my judgement.
Today was one of those frustrating days at work. Our adminstrative director resigned a couple of weeks ago, and they still havent hired anyone to replace him. Its really frustrating, because the place I work at has the most antiquated business system ever. Everything has to go through about 4 thousand hands before it can be submitted to the president. It's not like we're a million dollar corporation for fuck sake, we're a homeless shelter. I guess urgency isn't really an issue for the homeless population. I dont know. Anyway, my boss makes matters worse because he expects me to be able to read his mind. Here's what a convesation between us might sound like...imagine me sitting next to my computer in my half the offfice playing Yahoo! pool:
boss: the 24th
me: yah?
Boss: March 24th. thats exactly a week over St. Patricks day.
me: yeah, and?
Boss: You will have to walk around neighborhoods that day and drop off literature.
me: D'oh!
boss: Are you stupid?
me: no, are you?
boss: No, i have a bachelore's degree in English.
the one cool thing I will say for him though, is that: A. he's got the same name as one of final american idol contestants. and B. when I first started working for him, despite owning a flashy condo in the burbs, he had a baby momma who was living in the city deep in the ghetto. Now she's being evicted though and they're moving in together to the burbs and he bought an SUV. he's completely lost his game.

'aight, that's enough bitching for one night.
~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 5:40 PM

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Monday, March 15, 2004

I thought I was having a really crappy day today, because I woke up with an upset stomache feeling dead tired. Then I got to the office, and was patronized by my boss as usual. But then in the afternoon, I had to go to a "business" meeting at Baja Fresh on K Street. I didn't really expect much, but suddenly I looked up and James Carville was standing right infront of me eating a burrito ultimo. He was eating by himself, so I decided I had to talk to him, it kinda went like this:
me: yo, big ups son!
james: sup
me: say hello to all my bitches up on capitol hizill
james: bitches ain't shit, but ho's and tricks
me: dang, you smell. bye bitch
It seemed weird that some a highly regarded figure in politics would be eating by himself at a fastfood restaurant owned by Wendy's. Apparently, James' BO is notorious..plus, I can't say much for his table ettiquete.
That was the highlight of my day. I went back to the office and read about the discovery of this new star, Sedna. Can someone please tell me what the fuck those scientists at NASA are being paid for that this is the first planet discovered since 1930!! shit, back in those days they were still use seeing eye glasses to explore the sky. you'd think with all the money we've invested in space technology and travel we would be finding new planets every day, let alone in our own solar system.
I guess my day wasn't so horrible afterwards. When I got home I discovered my landlord installed a brand spankin' new refrigerator in my apartment. yippee, finally my ice cream won't melt all over the freezer and separate. I feel like kind of a chump, because the note they left me said the fridge wasn't working at all. duhh, how long do you think it would have taken me to figure that one out? I thought there was something wrong with me, because my veggies kept going bad.
I also noticed a bite taken out of my cheese. d'oh!
adios putas, I gotta watch el simpsons now.
~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 2:48 PM

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

yo! i drafted my annual fantasy baseball today. According to my expert projections, and based on the number of chumps in my league, I should finish in the top 3. Here is my roster:
C V. Martínez (Cle - C)
1B A. Pujols (StL - 1B,LF)
2B M. Giles (Atl - 2B)
3B E. Chávez (Oak - 3B)
SS R. Furcal (Atl - SS)
OF A. Jones (Atl - CF)
OF R. Baldelli (TB - CF)
OF A. Dunn (Cin - 1B,LF)
Util M. Cabrera (Fla - 3B,LF)
Util A. Kearns (Cin - CF,RF)
BN G. Jenkins (Mil - LF)
BN L. Matos (Bal - CF)
BN R. Klesko (SD - 1B)
BN M. Cameron (NYM - CF)
BN A. Béltre (LA - 3B)

J. Santana (Min - SP,RP)
SP K. Millwood (Phi - SP)
RP M. Rivera (NYY - RP)
RP F. Rodney (Det - RP)
P R. Wolf (Phi - SP)
P G. Maddux (ChC - SP)
P B. Wickman (Cle - RP)
BN B. Kim (Bos - SP,RP)
BN J. Lieber (NYY - SP)

Any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated, and later ignored!
I also baked an awesome Italian bread from scratch today, which turned out fabulous! click here.
That's all for today. Sundays are my lazy days.
~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 3:17 PM

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Friday, March 12, 2004

So as of today I am still determined to see my blog listed under the recently published blog list on blogger.com ! I'm starting to get a little frustrated, because I cheked out one of the illustriouses blogs on that grand list, and it hadn't been updated since Feb, 2004! What's up with the bullshit? I sit here, working my ass off, clicking republish every 30 seconds or so, and this chump gets his name on the list. boo!
Actually, I have more a life than that...but not much more! luckily, there's work and very annoying boss to keep me in check.
It's so nice to actually be able to use the word shit and fuck liberally on this site. I've really gotten in the habit of holding back in chatrooms and stuff. People take that shit too seriously. There was even a story on the local news about a class being taught on how to stop using "bad" words. I was just sitting there thinking, man..that shit's whack! Some day I'd like to teach a class on how to remove all religiously based idioms from every day language. It sucks, at this rate im definitely going to H-E-double Hockey stix.
save me jebus!
~Prince Paul of Romania~ at 9:42 AM

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